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Shop fitting

Stoffer Retail Solutions ApS was initially founded as a workman’s business, and over three generations it became specialized in shop fittings. We offer services within concept development, trade fair solutions, shop-in-shop solutions, furniture assembly and installation.

Our shop-in-shop clients and franchise clients often follow an overarching concept, but also in this regard, we can help create innovative solutions from fixed drawings and specifications.

​Shop fitting - domestic and international

​Our expert knowledge within shop fitting and installation led to a variety of projects throughout Europe. We have worked with a variety of industries and major brands in Germany, the United Kingdom, Norway, Sweden, Luxembourg, Italy, Netherland and Austria.

Our shop fitting solutions are customized to each individual client regardless of whether it is for a shopping center, library, or a shop-in-shop solution.

BoConcept, Trip Trap, Illum, Magasin, and Day Birger et Mikkelsen are some of the clients in our portfolio whom we have proudly served through the years.

Trust is at the core of our trademark and a quality stamp which tells us that the values we rely on are key to our success.


Professional architect

​We are proud of having a professional architect attached to the company, who makes a strong contribution with his extensive experience and knowledge in shop fitting and fair solutions. Our architect provides inspiration, ideas, useful proposals, and functional solutions.

Our architect always takes the internal atmosphere of the particular shop, the sales strategies, and ideas of our customers into consideration.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us on +45 8684 6108.


Stoffer Retail Solutions

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