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Our values

Meeting deadlines, staying within budgets, and creating results of a high caliber are all crucial in ensuring happy clients.

​Our committed, experienced and skilled staff is part of a well-run team.

We also closely collaborate with a team of 3-4 skilled and creative designers.

​Our trucks are always packed and ready to go - we promise efficiency from the very first hour on the clock.

​We have our own painting facility which ensures no delays or irregularities from subcontractors.

We carry out traditional carpentry with the same professionalism and expertise as shop fitting. We are responsible for our own plans - and we stick to them.

​Our offers and services include professional advice in choice of materials and layout, price estimates, and a creative and bespoke plan for your project. We provide advice and guidance in choice of furniture, mobile walls, shelves, disks, podiums etc.

​We supply a reliable estimate in order to avoid misunderstandings and surprises further down the road.

​Our work is based on a successful fundamental concept that creates room for variety and tailored solutions.


Stoffer Retail Solutions

VAT Reg. No.:​ 86846108


Hårupvej 12

DK-8600 Silkeborg